Dancing Gorilla Bachelor Party (Sans Stripper)

Got called to do a Philadelphia bachelor party for a groom that very specifically asked his groomsmen to absolutely under no circumstances hire an exotic dancer. This guy was in law school, about to get married and take the bar exam. He didn’t want any riff riff in his life. His friends called us at The Telegram Girl and set up the singing telegram to look exactly like something it wasn’t…They placed him in a chair, opened the door, I marched in as lady cop, sexy music playing loudly…right away he was shouting “NO NO NO, absolutely not!” Then at that very moment Bennie the Dancing Gorilla in hot pink bikini came barreling in and began twerking all over the groom. I proceeded to sing a rather elaborate song in full operatic voice with lyrics written by the groomsmen. It was basically a hilarious roast about all the “illegal” activities the groom has been involved in; including trying to run an airbnb in his apartment, some overdue books and of course trouble with the worst - Phila Parking Authority = the enemy of our City! A super fun time was had by all and bravo to this great team of groomsmen for coming up with such an unforgettable surprise! #bachelorparty #singingtelegram #dancinggorilla #philadelphia #performerlife #bestgroomsmen #lifeofatelegramgirl

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