Vintage Western Union Telegram Girl * Viking Opera Singer * Marilyn Monroe 

Carole Baskin from Tiger King * Elsa from Frozen * 1920’s Flapper 

Nancy Sinatra * Ariel from Little Mermaid * Little Bo Peep

 Ballerina * Old Fashioned Nurse * Graduate Cap & Gown

Princess Leia from Star Wars * 1960's Go-go Dancer  * Cat 

 Cinderella * Cow* Patriotic Red, White & Blue

 Equestrian * Wonder Woman * Fortunetelling gypsy with crystal ball

 Singing Red Heart * Country & Western Cowgirl * Formal Evening Gown

Dorothy Wizard of Oz * Traditional French Maid * Bride

Nun * Dirndl Dress Oktoberfest

Christmas Elf * Mrs. Santa * Dickens Victorian Caroler 


Some prefer a male voice for their singing telegram. Other times customers ask for a male/female duet…Here's a list of costumes for amazing baritone:

"The Telegram Boy"


 Vintage Western Union Telegram Boy * Viking Opera Singer * Batman

 David Bowie * Pennywise the Clown * Singing Red Heart

Elvis Presley * Frank Sinatra * Scarecrow 

Pirate * Lederhosen Oktoberfest

 Doctor/surgeon in Scrubs * Priest * Richard Simmons

 Graduate Cap & Gown * Formal Black Tie / Tuxedo

 Christmas Elf * Dickens Victorian Caroler