Each singing telegram is a mini-show. Here is (typically) how they are put together:

1. you send a bunch of things that are unique to the telegram honoree; favorite actors, movies, sports teams, funny stories, quirky habits, inside jokes, silly (or even naughty) things - traits that friends and family members adore and maybe tease about. 

2. send a list of favorite songs or artists or an era of music to draw from 

3. I superimpose new personalized lyrics to the song selected based on all the tidbits you will receive the song in writing before the telegram happens, for a final okay. Some clients just want "a pretty song" or Happy Birthday and nothing else which is also fine. 

4. The Telegram Girl costume bank includes: 

Vintage Western Union Telegram - most popular 

Viking Opera Singer with horns 

Wonder Woman 

Singing Heart 


Formal Black Tie / Gown 

For the holidays: Christmas Elf , Mrs. Santa  or Dickens/Victorian Caroler 

Custom costumes, balloons, roses, chocolates, and cupcakes available upon request.


Responds quickly to client requests