Trinity's Singing Angels

Trinity’s Singing Angels began in 2023 when a loving mom decided to bring laughter, music and joy to her twenty-two year old hospitalized daughter Trinity, by booking a singing telegram through The Telegram Girl. Seeing Trinity’s smile and experiencing her tears from laughing so hard, changed us forever. 

Our team at The Telegram Girl decided this kind of thing has to happen more but without parents having to pay. We started by asking Marcella (Trinity’s mom) if we could use her beautiful baby girl’s name for this charity idea. After her resounding “YES!” we decided to pool our gratuities in order to subsidize discounted singing telegrams delivered in costume along with goody bags to hospitalized young people (age 30 and under) in the Greater Philadelphia area, including New Jersey Philly suburbs. 

Our hope is to start a nonprofit subsidiary and soon be able to file for 501c3 status. Something else we wish to learn about are grants and grant-writing. We would love to be able to tell our donors about the singing telegram(s) they helped sponsor to the extent that the family and gift recipient are comfortable. If you or someone you know has greater scope than we do on the topic of charities, nonprofits and fundraising please reach out! For now we have a PayPal donate button at the top of this Trinity’s Singing Angels page (link goes to Music Services at The Telegram Girl) and are starting small but with plenty of love in our heats and willingness to spread joy, music and laughter… 

To learn more or help us grow bigger and better: 

call or text 609-686-7760 subject line: Trinity’s Angels



Q: How much needs to be raised for one Tritiny's Singing Angels Singing Telegram?

A: $100, enough to put together a goody bag, pay for our insurance/workmans comp, and cover the artist's toll, Covid test, gas and compensation for singing (about 1/3 of regular pay). With that said, every donation of any amount, even a dollar, gets us closer to creating more joy!


Q: Why is this just for hospital patients age 30 and under?

A: One day we may expand this plan but for now, this was our special calling.


Q: Which area do you cover?

A: Generally a 15 mile travel radius around the city of Philadelphia, and 15 mile radius around Moorestown, New Jersey.


Q: Do you take donations for goody bags?

A: Yes! We cover a wide age range, so anything from plushies and puzzle books to Amazon gift cards, crayons, cell phone chargers and fuzzy socks are welcome. Food gifts are prohibited because we do not know if they are permitted by the medical team caring for our gift recipiant. 


Q: How do you keep everyone safe?

A: All singers take a Covid test the day of performance and we ask for hospital/physician guidance on things like where we should stand and masking. We are even open to singing from outside a window.


Q: Will I know who my Trinity's Singing Angels gift went to?

A: Yes! You will be given the following details; patient's first name and age, reason for hospitalization, contents of goody bag, costume worn by singer, song performed and photo of singing telegram artist at the hospital. When permitted by the patient (and parent(s)/guardian(s)) a picture or video of the singing telegram in action also may be included.