Selecting Your Singing Telegram Costume

About half of the calls we get at The Telegram Girl Singing Telegrams come from clients who are very sure they want a specific character such a Viking Opera Singer, Elvis, Dancing Gorilla or Wonder Woman. The other half either ask us for suggestions or intentionally go with the most unexpected (and often bizarre!) idea possible. Mike hired us in Fairmount Philadelphia for his best buddy’s birthday and said, “my friend is going to expect a sexy dancing girl, definitely come as a Catholic Nun!” Frank, a repeat client and New Jersey barbershop owner, hired Marilyn Monroe but saw on our website that we also do a Mariachi so Marilyn had to wear a Sombrero and sing Cielito Lindo. Sometimes costumes are chosen to be as weird, hilarious and random as humanly possible, other times they have great meaning. One of our favorite performances was for a Wilmington based great-grandmother turning 95 who was labeled by her family as The Biggest Cinderella fan on this planet! Her entire home was decorated in authentic Disney dolls, figurines and posters…the birthday gram song chosen was “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes” and it was beyond adorable to witness her over the top excitement when meeting *the real Cinderella.* Whichever costume you select, we promise your gift recipient will be thrilled to receive a once in a lifetime singing telegram surprise!

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