We are sorry, there are no song customizations until 2024  our holiday calendar is jam packed and we are not in the office long enough to write songs!



Customized Song Lyrics & Singing Telegram Roasts 

Most singing telegrams involve an already-existing song request, but some clients request customized lyrics that either tell a story/message or “roast” the gift recipient. We ask for a week or more to create customized songs and can write our special lyrics from January to October. (No song customizations in November and December or during the week of Valentine's Day.) Here is a sample verse of a song we created for a newly engaged young woman who wanted to us to announce the big news to her friends...

To the melody of Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean: 


Tony Smith was just my boyfriend 

Now he’s the guy that says that I am the one 

And our wedding plans have begun 


This is what we need to create a customized singing telegram masterpiece:

  • Start with the base song; a familiar melody…its IMPERATIVE that it be a song we know well so that the rhythms and lyrics are easy to convert. Suggest song titles, genres, favorite artists, so that we can come up with the perfect tune. 
  • Make us a list about the message you wish for us to deliver / person you want us to honor or roast. It is best to be as detailed as possible! 
  • Please narrow down to EIGHT main ideas, (NO MORE!!) 

For example: "He is a funny person" or "he loves to eat" or "obsessed with his dog" does not give us enough to work with. 

Here is what does work: "Always has to back into garages and parking spots" and "eats so much dessert that he has to undo his belt" and "took his dog to a spa on his wife's birthday"

Customized singing telegrams are mostly funny / roasts but some are designed to be more sweet and sentimental, for example something we would sing to a great-grandmother turning 90. In these cases include as many bits and pieces of memories that you know will result in smiles and happy tears. 

We do need time to create these customizations, so make sure to plan and book ahead!