FAQ's: Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance or last minute can I order a singing telegram: We can book up to a year in advance and have delivered singing telegrams within one hour of a call!

Where do you live and how far do you drive: Two of us live around the Burlington area of New Jersey, one in Center City another in Passyunk (Philadelphia). We drive quite far (entire state of New Jersey, Philadelphia + suburbs including Montgomery, Bucks, Chester, Delaware counties, NYC, Wilmington DE) and are all lucky to have safe vehicles!

Do you ever do singing telegrams virtually through FaceTime or Zoom: Yes! All the time...very fun.

Do you take song requests: Definitely, just try to give us a little more than a day to learn.

Can I ask for additional singers: Of course! We can do a solo performance, duet, trio or quartet in four part harmony!

Do I get the singer I requested: Always; if there was to be a change it would only be because of an emergency pending your approval. So far, this has never happened.

How do customized lyrics work: There is an additional $45 fee for us to create a new song out of melody that already exists using ideas you give us to create a customized song. Please see CUSTOMIZED LYRICS separate tab for ideas.

Can I write lyrics to a melody that already exists: Yes, this works well.

Can I write lyrics while you create a melody: Yes.

Can I ask for a costume you do not have: Yes, there is a small added charge and we just need a few days to order.

Can you deliver extra gifts: Definitely! Please see our gift page or if you have purchased something, it can be sent by mail to your artist or we can meet you before the gig in order to make the special delivery.

How long does a singing telegram last: Just long enough for the gift recipient to say "whoa...what just happened to me!" We come in and make the big surprise in costume, break into the dedication song, thoroughly bestow the gift recipient with loving fun and often hilarious attention, then read a message you give us stating who the gift is from and what message is behind it (everything from happy anniversary to your daughter is having a boy to guess what, we are getting a dog!) then we end with either another quick song or "Happy Birthday"

When did singing telegrams begin: When the Postal Telegraph-Cable Company delivered what it claimed was the world's first singing telegram on Feb. 10, 1933, it may have been 50 years or so ahead of its time. The idea was good, but not good enough to save its telegraph business, and the company soon merged with Western Union. The Telegram Girl celebrates the anniversary of Singing Telegrams every February 10th by offering them all day and night for only $50 each!!!

Do you offer any discounts: We do! Please let us know if the singing telegram you are sending is to an enlisted or veteran person, first responder, "Super-Senior" (over 80), or if we are offering a get-well song to someone with a critical illness.

Do you do anything special for the holidays: We have the most fantastic Elf and Mrs. Santa costumes and also have a sister-company that consists of amazing costumed Christmas Carolers that sing in lush a cappella harmonies!

Can I hire you to sing for someone who isn't really on speaking terms with me: Sadly, if you are estranged from a person, they do not wish to hear from you, or you have been legally ordered to steer clear of them, we cannot intervene through song. Yes this question comes up (frequently) which is why it is listed here.