Art of the Inside Joke

A client called the other day inquiring about a singing telegram and told me the sweetest story; “Our mom was a horrible cook - the lady could ruin PB&J! As a big treat she would make us Hamburger Helper for our birthdays. So gross! It became this ongoing joke in our family; as adults Mom would send us an empty box of Hamburger Helper with a birthday card and cash inside. And we would get her back the same way stuffing pretty scarves or homemade cookies, often in the same box she sent one of us months prior. Well this is our first year without her, 91 wonderful years, and I know this is crazy but could you find a Hamburger Helper costume and go sing the jingle plus happy birthday to my little sister?” What a request!! Of course I HAD to go on a costume hunt and low and behold was able to find this big goofy three fingered foam hand plus thumb with a hole for a face! Carrying out this singing telegram - as insanely silly as it was - felt so incredibly rewarding. Everyone had tears in their eyes and I knew their mom was laughing hysterically from above. I love my job so very much!

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